Well, this sucks…



Remember when I moved the thing? Yeah, I think I strained my back. Because it’s less like I did a week of P90X now and more like “You dipshit. You’re not 25 anymore.”

I can blame this on age all I want but I am pretty sure I strained my lower back. I am sure now, people who know me well are making big boob jokes and that’s fair. I do have a large bust and they do put strain on my lower back.

But some lazy self-diagnosing has deduced that I need to take a decent rest and not push myself in order for my lower back to get back to normal. What sucks is the Zombies Run virtual race ends on April 30th.

I am NOT missing that, I don’t care if my spine is actually protruding from my skin.

This means I am going to be doing some light walking, I have a mini peddler under my desk at work and I will be using my bike desk that I bought. I should use it more often but to be honest, I go run. It’s my thing now, it seems.

Go figure.

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