First Workout of the Week: I fucked up.


Over the holiday weekend, a rainstorm sent some lovely flooding into my basement. While I was cleaning up from that, I also gathered up more junk to throw out and ended up hauling up three full, heavy, 39 gallon garbage bags of crap out of the basement and to the curb. Emotionally, I feel accomplished and glad that trash is out. My back however, wants screaming, bloody, violent revenge for what I have inflicted upon it.

That’s a super dramatic way to just say my lower back hurts and running is not in the cards right now. The stationary bike desk I have has a nifty back for me to lean on. Even so, about 30 minutes was more than enough before I needed to stop.

I’m okay with that because I finally hit 219.6 pounds. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far! 20 more and I’m out of the 200 club! I am super excited about that. I keep thinking of all the super cute clothes I have that I’ll finally be able to wear again!

Oh, and being healthy. That too.

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