Today’s Workout: Extra Cardio

Since I had to run to the store on my lunch break, I figured I’d count that as a workout for today. I had some quick leftovers for lunch so I had the time. Plus, it was a nice day! Even though the wind was a little cold.

I haven’t been cooking my lunch at work lately just because I’m out of the meat I usually use. My Butcher Box is coming up so I can’t wait to make my usual lunches. In the meantime, I’ve been over cooking dinner and prepping lunch as I plate the food. I am experimenting with what I get from my Misfit Market (that’s saving me some money on veggies, for sure) so I usually end up with something fairly healthy. I’ll see about posting more photos of my meals. I usually forget and just snarf down the food so I can move on to the next task.

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