Today’s Workout: Crunch Time

Because there’s no such thing as universal sizing, the costume I purchased for NYCC doesn’t fit right. It goes on but won’t zip up. And the most frustrating part is I held it up next to a dress I lost enough weight to fit into and wore today to work and they look almost identical. So, I’m increasing my steps and changing up my food to try and slim down enough to get into this thing. 

Because that fucking costume was $80…

In addition to this for lunch, I had some simple broccoli and garlic for dinner. I used lemon juice for lunch and hoisin sauce with the broccoli to make it more interesting and avoid adding too much salt. Salt is my weakness. I’m severely cutting it down in order to help and honestly, it’s better off for me anyway.

I know it’s not likely I’ll lose a bunch of weight but it’s all about getting my money’s worth out of this cosplay. Fingers crossed, guys…

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