Today’s Workout: Making a daily habit?


I am trying to make the desk peddler a daily thing even if I do more cardio at home. This may mean I end up with three workouts in a day if I manage to squeeze in more weight training but I’m feeling pretty good! I don’t feel weak, I can see my thigh muscles developing, and I am the kind of sore that means I did hard work, not that I was sick.

I am absolutely determined to get out of the 200 club this month. I only have a couple pounds to go and it’s starting to piss me off. I will take into account that I’m doing more weight training so I will build muscle that will affect the number on the scale but still, I wanna be in the 190’s by March. I’m hoping to get back on the treadmill and maybe save up for some heavier weights to use for my upper body.

Today was boring for my food so, I didn’t take pictures. I’ll do that tomorrow.

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