Lenni Reviews: “She Loves to Cook and She Loves to Eat” Vol. 1, by Sakaomi Yuzaki


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Nomoto lives to cook but since she lives alone and no friends live nearby, much of her food is left over. A chance meeting with her neighbor, Kasuga, gives Nomoto the opportunity to finally share her love or cooking with someone who can eat her huge portions.

This is a very relaxing read. Its sweet to see Nomoto and Kasuga grow closer. The pairing is a classic bubbly energetic vs calm and deadpan. Kasuga isn’t cold or detached, she’s just really chill. I do want to know her backstory but I’m sure we’ll get to it in future volumes. If you’re looking for a clean (so far) lesbian love story, this is a nice one. I do wish there were recipes, though. I wanna try all this food. 4 out of 5.

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