Today’s Workout: So close


It’s really frustrating me that I’m still stuck at around 202 pounds. I know slow and steady is the best way to do it but ugh! Not to mention I’m stressed the fuck out from Camp NaNoWriMo (although, the story is coming together nicely) so, this month is going to be interesting.

Yesterday, I made some pasta with diced onions and saved some for lunch and for dinner, I had a nice salad. I switched to a low sodium version of season salt since I’m trying to control my sodium intake (and honestly, not doing very well on that).

Since I’m spending a ton of time writing, I am trying to move more. It was a fairly busy day at work, I parked further away to get more steps in, and I listen to my movement reminder to make sure I’m not sitting the entire day. Stretching has been a lifesaver this month with all the time spent typing. I don’t want to end up with tendonitis again.

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