Today’s Workout: They “fixed” it

The recent update to Zombies Run isn’t the best. I can’t share workouts like I used to and when it sent the workout to Google Fit, it registered it as a walk, not a run. I know they’re working on it. I’m not complaining in a malicious way, more like a “Huh… That’s annoying” kind of way.

I know I wanted to get back to running three times a week but I probably won’t have a third run this week. I have to get my flu and COVID vaccine on Friday. I have the feeling I’m going to feel crappy and want to take it easy.

I had a craving for the buttermilk chicken from Trader Joe’s but they didn’t have any. I got the Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary Chicken instead. It was really good! very moist and flavorful. I wasn’t happy having the oven on but ah well. For lunch, I had a sandwich with Trader Joe’s Everything chips and the sandwich was great but the chips were meh. They’re alright but I probably won’t get them again.

Overall, it was a good day but I’m not looking forward to those vaccinations. I’d rather be safe than sorry, though.

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