Today’s Workout: That’s not right…

While I’d love to take credit for the length of this workout but my smartwatch froze around the 45 minute mark and I had to restart it, wait till it properly loaded, then stop the workout. I mean, I did get my steps in, did my squats and crunches, and got my heartrate up in this biking session so, I count it as a win.

As for food, it wasn’t anything special. I went to bed early all prepared to get up early to make my breakfast and prep my lunch only to linger in bed wondering why my alarm isn’t going off. Turns out, I forgot to plug in my phone. I had enough time to rush through my routine, grab a Kind bar and a pack of ramen, and run out of the house. Dinner was the rest of the leftover wings that my kid decided he didn’t wanna eat (after I made them spicy for HIM but whatever). Tomorrow, I’ll make sure to set everything up so I don’t have a mishap like this again and can properly prepare.

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