Today’s Workout: New Gadget

I managed to sell a few things on eBay and since I’ll take any chance for cardio, I took a walk up to the post office in addition to 30 minutes on the desk peddler. I noticed that having that walk and getting up more during the day is helpful for the hip pain I’ve developed.

I will get back to running soon.

I’ve been wondering about the electric lunch boxes that don’t cook food but reheat it as an alternative to the communal microwave at work. I put the leftovers from the previous night (swordfish, rice, and broccoli) and while it did work, it took forever. Not a good idea for a thick slab of fish on top of a bed of rice. I could see it working better if all the food at direct contact with the heating element on the bottom. Much like the Itaki, I’ll have to play around with it until I get used to using it regularly. After all that rice, a salad was necessary. Those tomatoes just hit different, they were so refreshing. It was exactly what I needed at the end of a long day.

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