Today’s Workout: Thick Thighs


Despite not running, my thighs feel like jelly after using the desk peddler. It’s less impact on my knees and ankles (which are feeling better but not 100%) but my muscles are working. But my steps were down today so I’ll have to make up for that tomorrow.

For lunch I made my classic steamed veggies and steak and for dinner, I tried out Trader Joe’s new lemon Torchietti. I made it with just some garlic, olive oil, herbs, and a bit of parmesan on top. I didn’t really like it with this combination but I have plenty left and some ideas for other combinations. To replace breakfast, I’ve been having a handful of almonds so I’m not starving around lunch time along with a thermos of coffee I nurse throughout the morning.

Next week, it’s back to running and I start my ab workout app again. I probably will never have a six pack but I would like to firm up for a smoother look overall.

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Today’s Workout: Nope

I’m back to the desk peddler because my knees and ankles are aching. It happens sometimes during my period, I know it’s temporary but I’m not running again until it stops.

Here’s the food I’ve been eating these days. That chicken had rice under it and was marinated with lemon juice and the lime cajun seasoning from Trader Joe’s. It just made me happy to make my Caesar salad pretty. Sometimes, it just feels good to plate something nice before you dig in and destroy it.

Next week, I’ll get back on the treadmill. I’m also working on making sure my veggie scraps go into my little composter so I can try and grow some veggies this year. Anything to save a few bucks and take advantage of the unused space in my yard. 

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Today’s Workout: Temptation

I am so glad I picked up running again because out of the blue, the kid decides we need to buy pizza and I needed to burn that off. The rest of what I ate today was my normal type of lunch:

And over the weekend, I made an amazing sandwich:

I marinated the chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, and lemon pepper seasoning and just cooked it in a frying pan. I diced up red onion and mixed it with avocado (and more lemon juice) and as you can see, I had a bunch of cherry tomatoes that I needed to finish before they went bad. I had those as a side instead of chips. I still haven’t mastered what is apparently a daunting task of building a sandwich in a way that doesn’t fall apart if you look at it funny but even though it was a mess to eat, it was delicious. I think I would use a whole chicken breast next time instead of strips so there’s less chances of something falling out.

Over the weekend, I didn’t workout. I had overtime and I had to take apart the dryer hose to fix a blockage. That was not fun. I wasn’t really in the mood after dealing with that.

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Today’s Workouts: Back to it!


In addition to a quick 20 minute session on the desk peddler, I dusted off my running shoes and started C25K once again. I am super excited to get running again and it felt great. I was able to keep form and a decent pace for someone who hasn’t done it in awhile. I plan to do this at least three times a week like the C25K schedule goes and do the desk bike and weights on the other days.

These were my meals for the day. I just did not feel like having a salad at the end of the day and opted instead for pasta with tuna in lemon and olive oil. I have an overabundance of red onion right now so it was a little strong but, it was a light enough meal that I didn’t feel gross running shortly after.

For the record, I don’t have a problem with hydration. I drink plenty of water throughout the day. Soon, I will take the time to record my measurements and see if I can measure progress that way instead of the number on the scale.

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Today’s Workout: “Participation”


I ended up with a webinar that was two hours long so there was no way I was going to just sit there the entire time. That’s the good thing about these things being over Zoom; I can pay attention, reply, contribute, and still do the desk peddler (I kept my camera off). My job is sedentary enough but two hours and no break to be able to get up and move around? Yeah, I did some light cardio during it.

I had my typical lunch of baby bok choy and beef but Misfits Market is out of the regular bok choy so, I had to get the more ruffly kind and that’s a slightly different cook time. I gotta say, these are MUCH easier to clean and I didn’t find any little bugs in there. Dinner was more leftovers so no pictures of that.

I’m still not under 200 like I hoped to be by the end of the month but I also haven’t gained anything. I’m still around 203-204. What sucks is my health insurance is suddenly inflicting all these new requirements on me in order to get a refill on my Saxenda. It’s really annoying to finally have something that is working for me and I have to jump through all these hoops to get it when I need it.

Fortunately, I’ve been taking half doses or less and have some in reserve but this is really stupid and I hope my doctor’s office can work it out.

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Today’s Workouts: Make it a double

I had to get some light bulbs and bok choy (since Misfits Market ran out or something since they refunded me) so, one of my workouts was a quick walk to the store. After dinner, I got on the desk bike so I could get some writing done while I did my cardio. It felt pretty good to get in two workouts in a day but I don’t know if I would do that every single day. I still worry about overdoing it and ending up injured.

As for food, it was another round of leftovers for lunch and a salad for dinner. Not really picture worthy, to be honest. Unless you want repeated pictures of the same bowl of pasta I’m working on since the Saxenda won’t let me over eat. Later on in the week, I’ll make sure to do more weights. My arms are looking okay but I’d like to see more definition and build my strength up some more. 

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Today’s Workout: I did something wrong


I did my workout early in the day at my desk and had my usual lunch:

But something must have gone wrong because I ended the day with horrible cramping and gas. I was burping so much but I have the feeling this is gonna derail me again. I really hope not but part of me is certain this will take at least one day outta my training.

Mostly, I’m scared this isn’t gas and I have another perforated ulcer. I haven’t been doing anything to cause one of those but, it’s still a fear in the back of my head.

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Today’s Workout: Baking through the cold snap


I wanted to get in my cardio before I got home (even though I’ll likely get in some squats and such later) and managed to get in 40 minutes! My thighs are burning even though it’s the peddler. I go faster since there’s less resistance.

I tried something a little different with lunch today and instead of my usual seasonings, I used half of the seasoning packet from the tonkatsu ramen and, it wasn’t as good. I do want to try other flavors but it’s looking like plain noodles with cumin, red pepper, and paprika are the way to go.


Over the weekend, we had a frigid day where I figured if I’m gonna get slammed with a terrible heating bill, I might as well get a good meal out of it. I brined the chicken and slow cooked it with potatoes, onions, and garlic cloves. Basically, this is gonna be my dinners until it runs out. Not that I mind. You can tell that if I like something, it’ll repeat in my meal rotation.

To save some money, I’m gonna try and grow some of my own veggies this year. I have some containers and plenty of seeds. I figure I’ll try lettuce, tomatoes, and various other salad elements since me and the kid are salad people. I’m also saving up for a bread maker. I’m just gonna have to find the time to make more things myself. With prices these days, convenience is too expensive.

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Today’s Workout: Might have overdid the bike…


This workout was day three of the Home Workout app I have on my phone and was unfortunately a lot of lower body work. I way unfortunately because my legs are aching from all the biking yesterday. But, the soreness means I’m working my muscles and making progress.

There’s no pictures of food today because it was nothing new. I just had more of that leftover pasta for lunch and a salad for dinner to balance out all those carbs. My thought is that it would be boring to post the same food every day; unless people are highly suspicious of what type of diet I have. I just tend to eat the same things I enjoy in a rotation, is all.

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Today’s Workout: Splitting


I split my workout in two for today. I did the first one at work with my peddler and the second one at home on the big desk bike. the bike at home has the resistance turned way up so, it’s much harder than the little peddler. I actually break a sweat and I’m still able to write since I have the desk.

Not that my brain will let me write. Post COVID brain fog makes writing feel like I am trying to pull the words out of my head kicking and screaming. It really sucks because the ideas are there, the will is there, but I just can’t focus.

I had my usual lunch today but I didn’t get up in time to properly wash the bok choy so, snow peas filled in. It takes less time to cook than broccoli but I can add it sooner than bok choy; that gets way too soft. I like my veggies to still have some crunch, not be soggy. It was super filling so I didn’t eat much for dinner. Just some left overs.

All in all, this was a good day. I can’t say I’ll always be able to get in almost an hour of cardio like this but, I’ll do my best.

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