Running Update: Body Changes

As with any journey through fitness, most of the changes you see won’t be immediate or particularly dramatic. The scale may nudge one way or the other, stamina increases, soreness evens out…

Or you get superhero calves.

It’s silly but that’s exactly what it felt like to reach down to shave and there’s this giant divot in my calves! I’m also noticing my outer and inner thighs are slowly growing muscle definition.

There is an element to all of this that does include losing weight overall but it is really cool to see my legs slowly morphing from smushy to defined. I wish I had before and after pictures but the last thing I thought of to photograph was my calves. But hey, I’ll take it! It’s tangible evidence that all this training and soreness and sweat and time are paying off in a way I can see that isn’t a scale. I may want to lose weight but being “skinny” isn’t my goal. My goal is to do a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race one day and scale numbers have nothing to do with that. I want to be strong and confident like I was when I was 24 – before I got pregnant – now that I’m out of that terrible abusive relationship and free to push myself to new heights.

Also, my medal wall needs more bling!! It’s too bare!


Semper Currans, fellow Runner 5’s!!!

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