Today’s Run: Got me a ticket!


This is the first training mission for the 2019 Zombies Run Virtual Race and this heralds week 6 of C210K.

As the intervals get longer, I find myself trying to use my thighs and glutes instead of my calves to maintain form and speed. For the most part, it’s working but let me say I am completely immature and I give a little chuckle when I think to myself “Geez, my butt hurts” after a workout.

But I can tell things are changing because my weight is down to 217.8 and (despite being a little gross) I am noticing sagging skin on my inner thighs! Instead of thinking about skin surgery or anything, I’m just gonna redouble my bodyweight training and tighten things up that way.

And SO much cheaper than surgery. Maybe less painful.

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