Today’s Workout: Outline Work


Yup, I’m still prepping for NaNo. I hopped on the bike while I worked and you can tell where I was paying attention to the outline more than my pedaling. But hey, anything is better than just sitting in the chair, right?

I’m still waiting for my Saxenda refill so my weight hasn’t changed much. I have noticed that even thought it’s been a few weeks (yeah, WEEKS), I haven’t gone back to my pre-Saxenda food consumption. I’m still eating smaller meals (despite me playing around with different types of noodles, if you’ve seen my Instagram) and feeling a bit sick if I try to eat too much. Does this mean the drug lingers in my system longer than I thought or has my stomach shrunk? I have no idea. But I have been in contact with my doctor to resume my prescription. Hopefully, that will get worked out soon.

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