Today’s Workout: Restart.


My job ended up having to close since so many people were out with COVID so, I figured I’d get back to work on my running by restarting c25k and running early in the morning before I get to writing.

It felt great to get moving again and I’m really going to try to get my writing done earlier in the day (when I go back to work) so I can run without guilt when I get home.

Yes, I have been exposed to COVID but obviously since I feel energetic enough to run, I don’t have symptoms but I’m keeping isolated just in case. There’s huge lines and shortages in testing right now so unless I feel sick, I’ll let higher risk people go get tested before I take up a spot.

As of now, I have no further weight loss updates since it hasn’t changed much one way or the other. I’ll post some numbers once there’s something to post about.

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