Today’s Workout: Cardio Day 2


I took a break yesterday to work on a short story that I seriously should have finished by now. I don’t know why I’m having such trouble with it but it’s a SLOG to get the words on the page. There are times where writing is like a wild ride and there are times where writing is WORK. And this story is being so stubborn.

In addition, after my trip to the eye doctor, I have to stop and take more breaks because of blocked oil glands. The doctor asked me “How many books do you read?” and after laughing, I told him my side gig along side being a librarian who’s on screens all day, I write and review books; meaning more screens. I use a warm compress he gave me twice a day at least and it’s both comforting and unnerving being medically forced to take a 10 minute break a couple times a day. But, I need my eyes so, I gotta take care of them.

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