Today’s Workout: New Breakfast Option


This one was a little shorter because there was some work stuff I had to deal with but that’s ok. It was still over 30 minutes and I still felt my muscles working.

You know those videos online of a little kid cooking on a hot rock? Like this one? I was very curious about making something like that so, I found some flat bread similar to what’s in that video (if anyone knows where to get the exact thing, let me know) and tried it out myself. Since it wasn’t puffy enough to open and make a sandwich, I just folded it with the fried egg. That’s a little dash of chili crisp on that egg; which tastes fantastic. It’s a quick, delicious breakfast. Next time, I’m gonna try the scallion flavored bread. For lunch, I got pre-diced chicken breast from Misfits Marked and I gotta say, the convenience is so worth it. I don’t have to spend time and extra dishes cutting slimy chicken. They marinate and cook faster, too. Definitely gonna be in my regular rotation.

With that breakfast and my usual lunch, I didn’t feel hungry around dinner time. I just had an ice pop cause it was hot and I was in the mood for something sweet. I think it was a good day overall.

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