Today’s Workout: All a mess

I had another webinar for some upcoming titles (please pity my TBR pile…) so it just made sense to use that time to be on the desk peddler. The heart points get a little off because I reach forward and use the computer to make note of books I want but calorie burn is calorie burn.

I wasn’t able to prep my lunch like usual so I went for a tuna sandwich on a bagel; meaning I had a nice walk on my lunch break. For dinner, I’m working on the last of that baked chicken. Both meals were a hot mess (the young lady who put the bagel together didn’t quite get it right) but a meal doesn’t have to look good to taste good. And I had plenty of protein for the day, did my squats, and a bit of ab work. I keep forgetting to use the apps I have for those. I need to make sure I use them.

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