Today’s Run: Earworm


Weel 11 day 2 didn’t go as well as day one. With 8 minutes left in the third interval, I hadda tap out and end the workout. I don’t feel too broken up about it considering I am still able to pass the 45-minute mark without feeling like I’m going to pass out or my legs are going to fall off. I’m not fast but my endurance and stamina are MUCH improved.

As for the earworm, I got this happy little note after my run today!


Woohoo!! Passed the 500-mile mark! Not bad for a person who once swore she would never run.

Post-workout, I noticed some very interesting muscle development in my legs; mostly above my knees this time. My thigh muscles are starting to get some real definition. If I can manage to slim down the fat, my legs will look amazing!

I am so excited at my overall progress. The weather is still shitty but I am looking forward to Spring so I can run outside again. I was put off by shitheads making comments or staring at me but honestly, I am surpassing what I ever thought I could do. Their words mean nothing.

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