30 Day Challenge Day 4


This run is the beginning of week 11 of c210k. It took me this long to FINALLY throw out a pair of running pants I had wish seams so bad, they ripped skin off. And I don’t mean they were so old that the seams wore out, I mean they came like that. I didn’t want to feel like I was wasting my money on them but I just couldn’t take it anymore. There’s no way I’m gonna do a 30 day challenge where some runs are over an hour long with shitty running gear. Fuck that…

As for my run today, it was touch and go there for the last interval. For those not in the know, these running programs deal in intervals, and week 11 is a 5 minute warmup then three intervals of 17 minutes running, 1 minute walk break. And that last interval was rough. I didn’t give up but man, it was tempting to take an extra break.

To be completely honest, I’ve gained weight this month. But I have a fancy-schmancy scale that also reads my body weight percentage. I may have gone back up to 220 but my body fat percentage went from around 42% to 39% and I am noticing some muscle definition in my thighs. And since I do my long runs earlier in the day, I do the Zombies Run! Home Front missions or my kettlebell in the evening. While my immediate reaction to the weight gain was an annoyance, I’m happy losing 3% body fat in a week. Not bad in my opinion.

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