I think I fixed it?


Yeah, I ended up not going to work because I was kept up all night with gas pain. I went to the store and got some OTC meds and they worked wonders. I still spent the day burping and groggy because I got no sleep but, as of now, I feel much better.

Since I was home, I made something more detailed for dinner. Back when I made the whole chicken, I ended up with WAAAAYY more potatoes than meat. I had two packs of bone in chicken thighs from Butcher Box and since I’ve got a delivery from them coming soon, I wanted to use up more stuff to make room. This was really simple: salt, pepper, sage, thyme, and black garlic. Cook in oven until done. I don’t usually use red onions for this but I have red onions and I’m not wasting them.

My stomach feel so much better once I took the meds and the food sat just fine. I didn’t workout because I didn’t wanna risk jostling my stomach around but I’m not that broken up about it. I’ve been doing well and one day off won’t kill me.

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