Today’s Workout: Switched


My late night switched this week so instead of running today, I did the desk peddler. It was a quick session but, I still felt it.

Back when I made that fun sandwich with chicken breast, I had some left over so I used it for a chicken Caesar salad for my lunch. Dinner was the last of the broccoli in the house but I’ve got some bok choy on the way. I’m trying my best to use up what appears to be an overabundance of snow peas currently in my house. I think it’s just because I kept thinking “Oh yeah, I need those” yet forgetting I haven’t used up what I already bought. Luckily for me, they seem to last awhile. I haven’t had to throw any away.

I have two more days of C25K this week and I’m shockingly looking forward to it. Yes, I keep forgetting to do my abs stuff and I’m at the point where I think those are just gonna be my weekend workouts. I keep remembering to do it right after I’m ready to just curl up in bed. Since I tend not to workout at all on weekends, this is a good way to keep up my activity.

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