Today’s Workout: Three Squares


The desk peddler session was a little short today just because I didn’t quite have the time but I did my squats and crunches later on. I still need to get in more muscle work but I’m getting there.

I actually ate three meals today and I gotta say, I felt overfull. It all came to about 1,000 calories. That pasta dish took awhile to make but I was able to use some delicious heirloom tomatoes instead of canned diced tomatoes (which are fine, I just wanted to try the fresh ones) and I made a big enough portion for lunch tomorrow.

Since my weight isn’t really moving, I think I’m gonna switch to the desk bike; which has higher resistance than the desk peddler. I know I shouldn’t be focusing so much on cardio if I want to build muscle but with the higher resistance, I think I’ll get more thigh and calf definition. Once it gets cooler, I’ll get back to Zombie’s Run. I’ve been paying for it so, I might as well use it.

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