Today’s Run: Run to Ten


I run intervals without a timer so I walk a minute, run to 9 minutes to the 10-minute mark, walk a minute, then run to 20 minutes. When I’m on the treadmill psyching myself up to keep going, I think “Run to ten, Lenni. Run to ten.” As in an interval of ten.

Today, I did it three times! In the past, I had to take a break at the 5-minute mark in the third ten but today I powered through! That fourth ten is still tough for now but all this work on my endurance is working! Even with having to take a break to shovel this week.

Hello, Spring? Paging Spring? Ostara happened so, where the heck are you?

Today is a great sign! I hope this means next month’s virtual race will set a new personal best for me!

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