Today’s Workout: Newsletter Tinkering


Since I’m participating in this giveaway, I’m toying with the idea of a separate newsletter that’s just for my writing since my blog is… Basically whatever the hell I want.

I always laugh when I read blogging advice and they’re all “find your niche!” and my blog is all over the place. Weight loss? We got that. Food? Got that, too. Anime? Movies? Comics? Manga? Any other random thing that strikes my fancy (I’m fixated on Helluva Boss now)? Yeah, we don’t do a single niche here.

Anyhooooo, my thought behind a writing dedicated newsletter was to give regular updates to people who just want to hear about the writing. It wouldn’t be more than every other week or monthly considering all the other things I’m doing at the moment. I was using my under desk bike while I explored around MailChimp and the free templates (because I’m poor). I am in no hurry to release it since I’m still working on Dahlia 3. That story is way overdue.

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One thought on “Today’s Workout: Newsletter Tinkering

  1. Lol I think niches are overrated, especially for blogging. I myself enjoy learning more about the blogger behind the screen, and can’t stand posts that are too ‘surgical’ in their execution. Anyway, good luck with the newsletter! I’m experimenting with that medium myself and it’s not the easiest.

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