Today’s Workout: And an affordable dinner.



Since I am taking care of a teenager who did not see a bag of chips and a jar of salsa as a snack but as a meal (I am still dumbfounded they finished the whole thing) I used my lunchtime to walk over to the store to see if I can find some on sale. It was a beautiful day, I didn’t even need a sweater so, I had a nice quick walk. And, I was able to replenish my supplies.


I made chicken thighs over the weekend so I chopped one up and put in a tortilla with some cheese. I got the tortillas for 2 for $5, I got the salsa 2 for $4, the cheese for 2 for $4, and the chips for 2 for $5. I don’t math so it’s just a filling cheap meal, okay? And to spice things up, I sprinkled Tajin in the salsa.

Is a plate of carbs and cheese healthy? Not really… But hey, it was quick, tasty, enjoyable, and I didn’t break the bank at the grocery store. And heck, I likely burned off half the cheese walking to the store.

If I can keep the kid from eating the chips and salsa in one sitting, it will last awhile, too.

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