Today’s Workout, Flame Con, and Food.

This weekend was Flame Con and even though I usually don’t cook after running around all day in the city, Saturday I had some peppers I didn’t want to go bad so I made sure to cook something fairly simple.


And of course, I had an amazing time at Flame Con. Everyone at this con is just super nice and polite, accepting and it’s just the most positive vibes I’ve felt in a public setting in a long time. I bought too many books (as is my usual habit) and even had some of them signed!

I’ll be reviewing them for the blog when I get around to them. I have a pile I’m already working through.

After walking around so much all day, I didn’t do any cardio for my workouts. I decided on Sunday to do my body weight apps and some stretching. I did more stretching than just the app because all that walking made me very sore.

This week, I hope to get back to Zombies Run. I decided to try out their 5k training program rather than C25K because I’m very curious about it. And it’s cooled off, so I don’t mind hitting the treadmill. We’ll see how I can handle a faster running pace after taking a break for so long.

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