Today’s Workout: And I went to the store…


In addition to a quick walk to the grocery store on my lunch break (they had canned tuna on sale and me and the kiddo eat a lot of salads with tuna so I try to get it cheap), I did the under desk bike again while I worked my way through some ordering. My director asked me if I could buy a bunch of graphic novels for my collection and hoooooooo boy, do I have an order to put in. If you give me the chance to boost my collection, I’ll gladly take it!

To self promote; I had a random thought about my First Brood Series and went to see how much I had completed of book 4. I’m still working on Dahlia 3 but I think I’ll sneak and update my brain on Emma’s book, too. I put it aside to work on shorter stories but I’m in the mood to work on it. We’ll see what comes of it.

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